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Common issues i can help you with

People come see me for a variety of reasons from all ares of life. Some of these reasons are as below.


After the first session, I walked out with the biggest grin and the confidence I could actually manage my anxiety, for the first time ever.


I met with Scott and at the end of our first session I had the most amazing experience. It was a feeling that is hard to explain, one of such happiness and the darkness was gone. My wife says that night when I walked into the house she could see the change and that I opened up to her for the first time in a long time and she burst into tears.

Christian.P - Sydney

Thanks to Scott, l again have balance in my life, a better quality of life, more focus at work and most importantly a better relationship with my wife.

Bradley.S - Sutherland Shire

I can wholeheartedly say, that after all the Drs, councillors etc that I have seen over the years, that no one has ever made such progress with me as Scott has. Soon the anxiety will just be a memory & will no longer take over mine & my daughters life.


In only 4 visits with Scott l have made more progress than what l had done in the last 15 years. Now, I dare say l have dealt and overcome my anxiety forever.

Amy.T - Sutherland Shire

“I no longer feel anxious, depressed or angry all the time”

Oscar - 16

“For the first time in a long time, I am actually excited about life”

S. Cook - Sutherland Shire

After the first session I tested out situations where I would normally be nervous and I was surprised that I could actually control these feelings and not have to live life being controlled by them.

Jed - Sydney

Now I'm enjoying life
Living anxiety free

Brodie - Sutherland Shire

Interesting Discussions

Regularly i help my clients deal and overcome negative situations and feelings such a narcissistic people, toxic family members, troubled teens, challenging relationships, addiction, anxiety, low confidence and poor mental health. Below are common topics where i explain the whys and hows?

5 ways to triumph over a narcissist

Here i explain effective techniques and strategies you will need to heal and manage a toxic person.


Why do narcissist hurt you and then act like you hurt them?

In this video i explain the thinking and concepts that happens in side the narcissist mind. What is this narcissist thinking and why? Let me tell you.


Trapped emotions, how they work.

Trapped emotions will attract a negative response now matter how well you try internalise them. They will effect others and most importantly, yourself. Positive thinking will never over ride a trapped negative emotion. Let me explain how.


Can a person be born with anxiety?

This is a common question amongst anxiety sufferers. Are people born with anxiety? Let me explain.


Have i emotionally damaged my kids?

Have we? It breaks the heart to think our problems have effected our little ones. Let me explain the possibilities.


Identifying triggers.

We get used to reacting a certain way and don't really know why, we are aware we are responding negatively, but why? Self awareness is the first step to healing and regaining control over your triggers and emotions.


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LIMITLESS The Power Of Your Authentic Self, a practical and simple guide to understanding your mind, emotions and intuition.

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My Story

We all experience life lessons good and bad and because of mine I'm where i am today. Living my best life with authenticity. My passion is helping people. I do this by teaching people how to heal their traumas, negative emotions and poor mental health by using my resilience techniques.


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